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Searching for solutions that reveal and mitigate your workforce’s exposure to cyber attacks?

PiiQ Spear automates 21+ risk factor analysis plus fixes for exactly what leads to social engineering compromise!
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The most complete Digital Protection Risk (DPR) solution

Analysis and management of human layer asset exposures and risk as well as information system attack surface and critical threat and attack intelligence.
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Training on yesterday's threats with ineffective tools?

Scalable Enterprise Security solutions have never been so accessible. Advanced Individualized spear phishing simulations, complete with PII improvement monitoring & social engineering awareness training; all automated by each end users' exposed online information!
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Automated Cyber Risk Scoring of corporate vulnerabilities created through Key Executives Social Media Footprint

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Completely Automated Spear Phishing Simulations, fueled by each end users recent exposed online PII. Combined with 21+ Social Engineering Risk markers tracked & reported through one seamless tool

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Score Corporate Risks through a comprehensive Assessment of Social, Openweb, Darkweb exposed information

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Open Source Intelligence Lead CyberSecurity Awareness Learning

Phishing Email Training Program Open rates are 30%. . . Do you know your Organization's Spear Phish Open Rate?

Most SOCs don't, since the current solutions are not scalable to truly send these personalized spear phishing simulations at scale. Until now. A fully automated contextualized spear phishing training and awareness console that auto populates advanced spear phishing attacks, by using end users current and true exposed PII! (personally identifiable information)

As these cyber attacks advance and AI is used to fuel attack vectors and penetration strategies, hacker reconnaissance can be automated. If you organization is a target, your workers are the portal.

Most MSP / MSSPs and end clients see around a ~70% open rate with PiiQ SPEAR Threat Intelligence Training & Simulation programs for a few reasons.

1. Spear phishing differs from phishing. Though most security awareness organizations misuse these terms interchangeably, Spear Phishing is a much more personalized approach to infiltrate the subject, as a means to compromise the organization.

2. Legacy Training Tools have tainted security teams and workforces at large to only recognize unsophisticated attacks as the cyber threat environment norm.

3. No current methodology focuses on the end users unique risk posture to simulate these training exercises, as a true attack vector would occur. With a sharp spear, cyber criminals get specific to the individual(s) being used to infiltrate their organizations.

4. No Security Education is being tied to and implemented to workers growing engagement across "social networking'' (Ad Engine) platforms. They are all notorious for having default security settings that are wide open, to personalize ads, however easily adjusted to practice better cyber social hygiene. We automate this along with our training simulations and even track improvements or decreases in these social engineering indicator leaks for your organization's employees in one seamless dashboard!

As the numbers become more clear on the varying penetration rates of phishing (30%) vs. spear phishing open rates (70%), workforces are not prepared for what's coming their way in Business Email Compromise Strategies. Playing with your security metrics being inaccurate, in the realm of 50% more perceived safety is a dangerous game!

One Click Risk Assessment and Scoring
Identify and Mitigate Cyber Vulnerabilities with the FIRST EVER Social Media Risk Assessment and Ratings Platform

Imagine having to explain to clients their organization has been compromised due to weaknesses in your corporations lacking security programs?


More than 90% of cyber espionage attacks are enabled by publicly available digital content.

Today’s shift to a more distributed ‘At Home’ workforce combined with greater ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) use creates even greater risk.

IBM Security Study Finds "More than 80% of respondents either rarely or never worked from home prior to the pandemic, and, in turn, more than half are now doing so with no new security policies to help guide them".  

Augment your Endpoint Protection, and Identity & Access Management (IAM) programs with PQ Risk software!

Our Threat Intelligence Technology scores cyber security weaknesses across thousands of enterprise security driven, personally identifiable data point vulnerabilities.


Deep Social Media Insights

Uncover intelligence embedded in social media life patterns of profiles and groups, monitor real-time changes in attributes, relationships, and content.

Coronavirus-Related Spear Phishing Attacks See 667% Increase in March 2020 ” ~ securitymagazine.com
88% of Global organizations were targeted with Spear Phishing Attacks in 2019 ” ~ helpnetsecurity.com
70% to 90% of All Malicious Breaches are Due to Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks ” ~ knowbe4.com
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