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The average cost of a data breach is 3.92 million dollars, with the average detection time being over 5 months! Add another 70 days to resolve it by SOC's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system and that is a lot of sensitive data & resources lost (IBM)  

Detection and monitoring has long been a favored method to stopping cyber criminals from harming organizations. This is not new, however the current offering of today's email security tools are not TRUE DETECTION. These solutions are only as good as the last attack!

Filtering and flagging emails, blocking domains, and ongoing monitoring of data is a proverbial game of ‘whack a mole.’  New threats will appear in different forms, using more personalized tactics from publicly available online information. Ultimately it's the insider threat is what breaks these operations down.

As these social engineering attack vectors sharpen their spears with open source PII, the end user is the ONLY way to keep enterprise data secured. Layer in remote work environments and perimeter and traditional security measures, well, just fail.

Score and secure your C-suite or organizations risk preemptively with just a few clicks. Mitigate threat actors on your weakest surface with our detailed reporting to shore up enterprise information. Continue to monitor end user data sets for ongoing changes and risk flags. Even use PQ Spear to train workforce and 3rd party ecosystems with truly tailored attack tactics, all included with PIIQ Risk's Solution Stack!

GDPR & CPAA compliant

For pennies on the dollar of traditional cyber security measures that don't work, our software or API will have immediate ROI! Drive value with investors, board members, and compliance teams with PiiQ's automation approach to solving,
"IDENTITY AS THE NEW PERIMETER" and stop insider threats before they begin.