The Most Comprehensive Collection & Analysis Capability on the Market

The World’s Most Valuable Resource is no Longer Oil, but Data”. " It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used."

PQ Intel - Where Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Meet

In these uncertain times, businesses face massive brand impact due to basic decisions that can make or break consumer perception. Our solution gives you invaluable intelligence when considering partnerships, acquisition plays, product launches, or marketing approach. Use our open source automation to direct strategic planning from an informed position.


Broadest Collection of Social Media Data

PiiQ Intel provides complete real-time actionable intelligence collecting more information on more platforms

precision audience analysis

Precision Audience Analysis

PiiQ scores profiles and audience attributes, relationships, and behaviors for authenticity, trust, affinity, and influence potential.  Adding context to content.
ai powered

Interactive, AI-Powered Software

PiiQ Intel software combines the insight of user interaction and the power of AI to explore performance, providing real measures of effect.
digital life pattern analysis

Digital Life Pattern Analysis

PiiQ Intel software addresses ‘information gaps’ through our profile digital life pattern analysis, providing a more comprehensive picture of influencers and true audience.

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