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The World’s Most Valuable Resource is no Longer Oil, but Data”. " It's valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used."

PQ-Intel - Defining Threat Intelligence with Ease

Distills a sea of conversations into specific elements that truly matter.

Our open source automation directs strategic planning from an informed position.
We identify trends and persons of interest related to any social media conversation, groups conversations to see the comparisons between narratives, and identify key attributes and activities.

PQ-INTEL has the ability to group persons of interest against any topic of conversation and monitor & alert activities coming from identified influencers to any conversation

Our Authenticity Scoring quantifies Real From Fake in Social Media Conversations. Until now, it was nearly impossible to discern how much of a social media narrative is real vs. artificially manipulated and amplified.

PiiQ Media has developed the only quantitative methodology for scoring authentic vs. artificial social media conversations and followers. This provides a true understanding of a conversation, or a profiles audience, so organizations to react more effectively (or not at all)

precision audience analysis
ai powered
digital life pattern analysis
Authenticity Scoring
PQ-INTEL has the only ability to score authentic from unauthentic social media conversations. Understand the true nature of a conversation, how much of it is fake and how much is real. More accurate intelligence leads to more accurate action. A growing amount of social media activity is being managed and manipulated. PQ-INTEL provides calculations on how much of any conversation or audience is not authentic
Precision Audience Analysis
PQ-INTEL scores profiles and audience attributes, relationships ,and behaviours for authenticity, trust, affinity, and influence potential. Adding context to content.
Interactive AI-Powered Software
PQ-INTEL software combines the insight of user interaction and the power of AI to explore performance, providing real measures of effect.
In recent research PQ-INTEL was utilized to examine the amplification of COVID-19 vaccine disinformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by the relentless spread of information, misinformation and disinformation.  These social media conversations involve real people and unfortunately, fake accounts -- whether it be automated accounts, bots, or nefarious accounts made to look real with a mix of genuine and fake or purchased followers. Some of these accounts are being controlled by individuals controlling 'farms' of such accounts at one time.This is certainly true when it comes to the accounts perpetuating falsehoods around the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our scoring mechanism examines key characteristics associated with a profile, including (but not limited to): age of the profile, posting patterns and more. We then checked the profiles that have commented on or shared posts against the known characteristics for inauthentic accounts. This gives us an overall percentage of suspected inauthentic accounts linked to the particular post to derive an authenticity score. This score provides an indicator of the authenticity of the accounts driving a specific story. This is key in determining whether certain content is misinformation or disinformation. Our findings found that less than 4% of the accounts interacting with the posts examined were deemed authentic.
To read the full article follow this link -

Broadest Collection of Social Media Data

PiiQ Intel provides complete real-time actionable intelligence collecting more information on more platforms

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