Our Partner Programs are flexible and built to scale along with our product suite! While some partners choose to begin as a reference partner, for one off deals...others see an immediate vulnerability and need our API implemented as a first step. PiiQ Risk can retrofit into any ongoing data security engagement quickly and seamlessly. More on our programs below.

From 2019 to 2023, approximately US$ 5.2 trillion in global value will be at risk from cyber attacks, creating an ongoing challenge for companies and investors.

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) are bringing to light more sophisticated methods for threat detection. However, at the same time, this machine learning capability is being weaponized by cybercriminals to develop complex malware and sophisticated attack methods. Cognizance of such vulnerabilities is increasing, however technology has not existed to deliver true deep attack surface insights, by human attack surface analysis based on exposed online information.

PiiQ has developed cutting edge, disruptive tech that is solving email security awareness training problems, one human at a time, with complete automation! People are typically the weakest link in the security chain, and Social Engineering continuously proves itself the most effective method of circumventing obstacles to gain access to organizations’ sensitive data and controls.  

Our solution not only tests those insider threat vulnerabilities but also evolves as a remediation tool for hardened attack surfaces long term, for safer employees and families.
PiiQ Spear Training & Awareness program educates your workforce ontoday’s attacks. It also trains employees and partners on what information they share publicly that is leading to direct sophisticated and  personalized attacks they are receiving as simulations. It’s also scalable - delivering highly advanced attack tactics email compromise trainings, as they exist today, personalized to each end user, based on their exposed PII! Train your human firewall without creating more work for SOCs or MSPs/ MSSPs.

Technology Partnerships

PiiQs ever growing Technology partner landscape & APIs are in global demand within the Security & Insurance Industry. We offer one of kind collection capabilities across all top 5 social media channels and custom collections as requested (30-90 days to build). Our open source data collection is GDPR and CCPA compliant and are great insights into your workforces risk posture and attack surface efficacy as it measures across 21+ social engineering vulnerabilities that are known to allow bad actors infiltrate the human layer and cause attack surface weakness. Call our proprietary top 5 social channel + dark web / deep web data insights through UI into a larger Threat intelligence platform. Penetration testers, cloud security, healthcare infosystems under HIPAA, Finance under FINRA, Insurance Underwriting, and more all benefit from our cutting edge data insights capabilities.
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technology partnerships
value added reseller

Value Added Reseller

Become a VAR with our one of a kind security technology. We offer sales margin & deal registration incentives, with a four legged sales & marketing support funnel that helps drive incremental revenue. We also have special partner ' free trial incentives' or POC costing for our security training tools to help our referral and reference partners drive value in the tools with little to no investment out of pocket. All of our costs are transferable and since enterprise is poised to spend billions in security training tools, having this unique  Our sales engineers can work client facing or as backend sales support on deals small or large that include content driven marketing support and assets, when needed.
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Providers ( MSSPs)

Use PiiQ products & tools in white label, co branded security customizations, & broad social media risk assessment and monitoring integrations. Our Deep Data Analysis is a good fit for tools being used in partner programs, pen testing, referral partner programs, managed IT security partnerships, and managed services security provider tools and larger threat intelligence management consoles to improve and monitor security vulnerabilities and improve security measures. Your end user and network security depends on it.
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providers (mssps)
manufacturers (oem)

Manufacturers (OEMs)

Use PiiQ products & tools in white label, co branded security customizations, & broad social media risk assessment and monitoring integrations.
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