One-click Cyber Risk Scoring of corporate vulnerabilities created through Key Executives social media footprint

Boards and C-suite play a critical role in helping their organizations respond to the constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape. - Deloitte

Automated Analysis and Scoring of Risks to corporate cyber security exposed through executive exposed publicly identifiable information (PII). Provides key Insights and Mitigation steps for Corporate Vulnerabilities created through Executives and use of Social Media.

Risk Posture Analysis Big Data, driven by End User Insights at Scale
Personal data is most commonly stolen and used as attacker reconnaissance. This is done to exploit the human layer to infiltrate the organization. The more visible the employee, the easier it is to exploit them. Executive Risk Management and executive protection through attack surface evaluations is imperative for risk mitigation of digital risk.  

Insider threat programs to successfully train employees to defend against attack vectors are are not just knowing an organization's’ true human layer vulnerability-  it's also knowing the trustworthiness of those individuals.  Creating a human firewall isn't easy. If it was it would be every organization's first line of defense to fight phishing and spear phishing attacks. Which we all know 80% of successful attacks are delivered via spear phishing

When doing a comprehensive Mphasis type digital cybersecurity assessment, one must evaluate Controversy, digital footprint, past public business dealings, relationships and interests of C-Levels and public figures that can make organizations more risky to partners or more susceptible to bad actors.

Did you know share prices fall 7.27% on average after a breach?

While the human is the weakest attack surface for cyber, it's also the greatest hidden cost for businesses through insurance, intellectual data loss, privacy laws, compliance, data governance, and GRC in general.

After all, until robots take over humans still run these companies and they use email. Lets start there. Go back to basics, work our way forward - once we block risk at core source! Launch the human firewall security training.

No one's ever regretted protecting their employee and consumer data.

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Assess and Score Corporate Risks created through Corporate C-SUITE use of Social Media
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