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Advanced Attack Training & Simulations That Are Less Advanced To Use!

Advanced Attack Training & Simulations That Are Less Advanced To Use!
The claim has been made previously- see what an attacker sees, however without merit. Legacy ‘phishing solution’ tools, buttons, and trainings continue to fail as enterprise security is threatened with workers outside the perimeter.

Spear phishing is on the rise, however trainings and awareness tools are not ready made to educate workforces on these types of sophisticated attacks. Now, completely tailored to the end user, emerges new tech, fully automated with an intuitive dashboard board that shows Compliance, Security, SOC & MSP / MSSPs more information on enterprise risk posture & exactly where the real weakness in attack surface lies. Email filters have an average 7-10% failure rate; so a hardened human firewall is your first and last line of defense!

Cyber criminals do not hack hardware, they hack humanware!

Train, test, and educate your workforce with a first of its kind security and awareness solution! Completely, GDPR, CCPA, FINRA, & HIPAA compliant, our email security tool educates & trains internal teams and remediates the personal exposures of personnel that lead to weakened attack surface and insider threat!

Step 1.  Simulation: Training workforce to recognize more advanced attacks, tailored to their own exposed online information, as an attack would occur IN THE WILD with detailed open rates, click through, link click, and attachment download insights.
Step 2. Track whether the employee has secured their own exposed information that the simulation was based on; open friends lists, open interests, even extended networks for executives, centrality data patterns, and more! All 21+ markers that lead to attacks, we consistently monitor and include progress reports, PLUS remediation measures and progress reports in our monitoring tool.
Step 3. Educate with complete automation we also include training videos, quizzes, & detailed prescriptive fixes, that help end users understand exactly what their most heavily weighted exposures were, and how to begin to minimize them, without sacrificing the use of social and online networking convinces.

Put simply, creating heightened social media and email hygiene best practices, that stop attacks BEFORE they begin!  Stop fighting attacks and start preventing attempts. Email security has never been so seamless and accessible!

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6 Convenient Categories our fully automated Spear Phishing templates populate from, but the content is truly unique to each and every recipient!

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