Secure The End User - The Most Vulnerable and Exploitable Attack Surface!

Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president and CEO, said: “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

To successfully fight against malicious intent, it’s imperative that companies make cybersecurity awareness, prevention and security best practices a part of their culture.

Why keep using the same tools and trainings for your employees and enterprise security, when you can use AI driven software to direct teams on exactly how to secure their information to prevent and reduce risk.

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error. Cyber-criminals and hackers will infiltrate your company through your weakest link, which is almost never in the IT and infrastructures department! Social engineering attacks, data breaches, malware click bait and more are the way over 98% of attacks occur. Who clicks on these links, downloads these files, and opens these infected emails? Employees!

Save time and resources by using our platform to auto generate
step by step protection and exposed PII remediation fixes for any member or all of your organization.

Our Software stack scores your C Suite risk in less than 30 minutes, so SOC, MSP/ MSSP, IT & CISO teams alike can secure it this week!

Instead of reactively blocking attacks, proactively block attack attempts!

Evaluate specific online risk markers, unique to each end user that increase social engineering propensity.

Through our detailed exposed PII triage scoring, that also evaluates traditional IT email security fail safes, this assessment automation runs the risk score(s) so security teams can quickly lock up organizations risk before it’s too late.

Then once secured, we provide monitoring for changes. Lastly we test your workforce with a truly contextualized spear phishing email simulator tool. It’s unique to each and every end recipient, crafted with their own exposed personally identified information, that would be used as an attack vector.

PiiQ Risk protects enterprises from organizational cyber attack risks, related to public information exposure like not other cyber security offering in the market.

Our proprietary threat matrix scores risk across 20 markers through automation and provides fast remediation with detailed reporting with hyperlinks to shore up data, for each end user. Implementing the new security measures across leadership teams or vendor partners through our syndication management & monitoring is the first of its kind.

Our team comes from the intelligence space and has worked tirelessly to uncover the specific information that leads to an organizations weakened attack surface- the human community - the insider threat.

Our OSINT intelligence tool and cyber security tool lead the space for preventive information and data security. It’s attack surface analysis and analytics like nothing else on the market.

Our Threat Intelligence can identify and prevent open source information leaks proven to trigger data losses, before they begin!

Our simple to use tools provide effective insights into key areas of cyber security and information exposure risk. PiiQ provides detailed and actionable guidance on social media and IT security policy, with easy to follow checklists and hyperlinks that every end user follows to improve organizational security postures.

In addition PiiQ makes available free assessment tools to evaluate key human error security vulnerabilities such as our free phishing test & revised remote work social media cyber security facing policy download & checklist.