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Enterprise Cyber Security

Corporate Risks exist across Social media, Openweb and Darkweb exposure points.  These vulnerabilities are created through information exposure, PII compromise, and supply chain weaknesses.


Organisations are constantly under threat.  Traditional cybersecurity solutions only offer so much. PiiQ Risk provides automated support in protecting risks created through employee use of social media. This landscape offers threat actors multiple attack vectors to successfully compromise any organisation.

We mitigate the impact of the following threats;

§ Business Email Compromise (BEC)
Between 2016-2019 BEC cost enterprise $26 billion worldwide.  It is by far the most financially damaging of online crimes.  It exploits the fact that many of us rely on email to conduct business-both personal and professional.  The criminals send messages that appear to come from known sources making a legitimate request.

§ Social Engineering & Phishing
The majority of cyberattacks begin with the attacker conducting some form of reconnaissance of a target's social media and internet presence.  Once sufficient intelligence is gathered the attacker attempts to compromise the target for financial gain or further compromise of their network

§ Ransomware
The ability for an attacker to demand financial payment in return for releasing encrypted legal or financial systems that have been compromised.  These attacks are often predicated by some form of phishing campaign.

§ Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)
Many companies do not identify crucial risks in the supply chain.  Illegal & unethical practices and poor cybersecurity protocols are still being conducted by third party suppliers.  The key gap in due diligence is those suppliers outside the traditional Tier One 'close to home' sector.

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