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Grow your security training and awareness programs with a scaleable spear phishing and workforce PII management solution, that requires no extra work.

Open Source Intelligence Lead CyberSecurity Awareness Learning Legacy Security Awareness Training Program Open rates are around 30% on program implementations with these generic phishing templates. . . These cyber security phishing awareness programs differ vastly from the current attack tactics being employed by cybercriminals in today's environment.

Spear-Phishing is on the rise, do you know your Clients Organization's True Spear Phish Open Rate?

Most SOCs & MSPs don't know true spear phishing email open rates, since the current attack simulation solutions are not scalable to send truly personalized spear phishing simulations at scale to test employees on real world social engineering attacks.
Until now. A fully automated contextualized spear phishing test and awareness training console that auto populates advanced spear phishing attacks, with end users current and true exposed PII! (personally identifiable information)

Anti Phishing software has been supercharged into a true human firewall training program, at scale.

As these cyber attacks advance and AI is used to fuel attack vectors and penetration strategies, exposed email addresses and passwords are exploited and hacker reconnaissance is being automated. If you organization is a target, your workers are the portal!

PiiQ SPEAR: Threat Intelligence Training & Simulation Program Capabilities

1. Spear Phishing Campaigns Differ from Phishing. Though most security awareness organizations misuse these terms interchangeably, Spear Phishing is a much more personalized information driven approach to infiltrate the subject, as a means to compromise the organization.

2. Legacy Training Tools Fail and have tainted security teams and workforces at large to only recognize unsophisticated attacks as the cyber threat environment norm.

3. No Current Methodology focuses on each end users unique risk posture to simulate these training exercises, as a true attack vector would occur. With a sharp spear, cyber criminals get specific to the individual(s) targeted to infiltrate their organizations. Attack simulations and training should echo that attack vector for true surface evaluation and penetration testing.

4. No Security Education is being implemented for workers ever growing engagement across "social networking'' (Ad Engine) platforms. All social channels are notorious for having default security settings that are wide open, to personalize ads targeting. However these settings are easily adjusted to practice better cyber social hygiene and protect your workforce and your organization.

PiiQ automates and can white label this whole process for pricing commensurate with the typical phishing tools. The collection of exposed employee data that would be attacker reconniance, along with our training simulations stay relevant and recent as their shared online data changes. PiiQ also tracks improvements or decreases in these 21+ social engineering indicator leaks for your organization's employees in one seamless dashboard!

As the numbers become more clear on the varying penetration rates of phishing vs. spear phishing open rates, workforces are not prepared for what's coming their way in Business Email Compromise Strategies. Playing with your clients security metrics being inaccurate with more 'perceived safety' is a dangerous game!

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