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Security & Awareness Training Simulations

Spear Phishing Training simulations, completely contextualized to each end user, each and every time - with complete automation

Why defend attacks when you can prevent attempts? Use fully automated contextualized training simulations that educate your workforce to improve their exposed online information that leads to targeted attacks.  

Preventive measures to test & secure enterprise leadership & workforce or partner / vendor end users exposed PII across social and open source is the next approach to cyber security, since traditional tools keep failing.

An advanced social engineering and awareness training management platform that includes the following:

1. Individual Deep Risk Posture " Insider Threat" Social Risk Reports including technical vulnerabilities + breach information.

2. Truly tailored spear phishing simulations based on exposed PII, unique to each end user.

3. Individualized training based on exposed PII and simulation testing results.

4. Monitoring of exposed PII changes over time

Don't just train on yesterday's threats. Prepare your employees for whats coming and help them mitigate risk to themselves and your company.


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