RISK - Comprehensive & Actionable Cyber Risk Assessment Products Based on Open Source and Social Media Information

INTEL - OSINT tool with collection capability across all 5 social media channels, like no other tool on the market


Tailored Spear-Phishing simulations Based on exposed PII.
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pq-risk pro
pq-risk cxo


One-click Cyber Risk Scoring of corporate vulnerabilities created through Key Executives social media footprint.
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Score Corporate Risks through a comprehensive Assessment of Social, Openweb, Darkweb exposed information.
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pq-risk hq


PQ Intel takes hundreds or thousands of data points, keywords, or social media profiles and arranges it into cohort groups to identify intelligence on brands, people, topics, competitors, and more across all 5 major social media channels. The analytics information tracked can be sorted by Geo, engagement, authenticity or true influence with the ability to drill down to the exact posts that are driving the most engagement or share of voice within minutes.
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