Providing 2 unique products to compliment any Cybersecurity strategy

Intelligence & Analytics Meet.  
The most comprehensive collection and analysis capability on the market.

Precision Audience Analysis - We score profiles and audience attributes, relationships, and behaviours for authenticity, trust, affinity, and influence potential.  Adding context to content.
Interactive, AI-Powered Software - We combine the insight of user interaction and the power of AI to explore performance, providing real measures of effect.
Digital Life Pattern Analysis - We address ‘information gaps’ through our profile life pattern analysis, providing a more comprehensive picture of influencers and true audience.

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One-click Cyber Risk Scoring of corporate vulnerabilities created through top executives and key personnel's social media footprint.

Provide key Insights and Mitigation steps for Corporate Vulnerabilities created through Executives & key personnel's use of social Media.
Executive Risk Management and Executive Protection through attack surface evaluation is imperative for mitigation of digital risk.


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