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The most complete corporate and 3rd party risk assessment capability commercially available, assessing risk in 13 separate areas of corporate exposure, vulnerability and risk.

Assessing corporate risk involves much more than just assessing a companies information system attack surface vulnerabilities. PiiQ Media collects, assesses, and monitors corporate related information across 13 separate channels: News, Open Web, Social media Executive PII Exposures, Locations, Events, Exposed Documents, Financial, Compromised Emails, Darknet, Fake Pages & Profiles, Compromised IPs, and IP Exposures & Vulnerabilities.

PiiQ continuously monitors all areas of potential exposure, vulnerability, and threat to provide not just absolute assessments on risk but conclusions based on pattern changes over time that provide indications and warning of potential shifts in risk.

Deloitte reported that 83% of organizations experienced a third-party incident in the past three years, with 11% causing a severe impact on customer service, financial position, reputation or regulatory compliance.  

Visualize and understand Corporate & Partner Ecosystem risk factors that affect overall security, including; compromised credentials, executive and employee exposures, adversarial activity, reputation and sentiment, location based threats, partnerships, and other technical exposures. People play a pivotal role in overall enterprise security and data governance and compliance. Not until now has automation existed to measure the 'human layer' vulnerabilities attack propensity on overall enterprise security measurement audits.


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