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Cybersecurity vulnerabilities have a potentially devastating impact on M&A activity.  Cyber Risk due diligence and data security issues are amongst the most critical exposures for numerous companies

Destructive socially engineered cyber incidents stem from your employees or a third-party compromise of its systems or human error.  PiiQ Risk delivers a comprehensive digital due diligence assessment on any target organization. Cyber Risk Forensics at its finest, since we all know how CyberRisk is becoming a blindspot in the M&A world.  We mitigate the impact of the following threats;

§  Exposure and Awareness of key data records
Acquiring companies rarely extend their due diligence to examine data integrity.  Often email and password compromise is either overlooked until after a deal's completion.  These compromises can be a 'starting point' for a breach which can go undetected for months.  Cyber Risk should not be limited to a moment in time but should include historical data management assessment.

§  Social Engineering & (Spear) Phishing
The majority of cybercrimes begin with an attacker conducting some form of reconnaissance of employee's social media and internet presence. They really only need what we like to call the three "C" factor; Contact, Context, & Communication means Once sufficient intelligence is gathered the attacker attempts to compromise the target for financial gain or further compromise of their network.

§  Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)
Many companies do not identify crucial risks in the partner ecosystem. Less than standard enterprise data security practices or lacking anti social engineering cyber security protocols are rampant, even among top organizations and suppliers, with the largest IT budgets.  The key skills gap in data governance and privacy is those channels outside the indigenous operations.  

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